Java externals:

ej.buffer2l: output meaningful samples out of a buffer~
ej.dx2x: create a list from intervals
ej.fplay: Non-graphical multi-breakpoint function editor
ej.ftom: Frequency to MIDI (with tuning adjustment, works for lists)
ej.l2buffer: fill a buffer~ with a list
ej.lchange: aware of list changes
ej.lclip: constrains a list within a certain range
ej.ldrunk: drunk for list
ej.linterp: more than a list interpolator
ej.lop: basic mathematic operations on (big) list
ej.lquant: Quantize a stream of number or a list (sort of multiple rounding process)
ej.lscale: maps input range of lists to output range
ej.lslide: smooth-out changes in list
ej.mmmm: calculate minimum, mean, median and maximum
ej.mtof: MIDI to Frequency (with tuning adjustment, works for lists)
ej.urn: like urn, for larger random range
get the interval between successive values of a list


ej.4m.js: Calculate minimum, mean, median and maximum on an int/float stream. Change object’s color. Change name of a named objet.
ej.cycle.js: like cycle, but works also for symbol/list.
ej.dn.js: open the patcher of a named object.
ej.lock.js: Get/set locked mode.
ej.lui.js: Load a jsUI object directly.
ej.nthru.js: It does nothing… just pass the input to the output…
ej.op.js: Find and Open Subpatcher (by name)
ej.route.js: Route data type.


ej.function.js: Multi bpf editor. overview.
ej.led.js: new jsui… which does the same as the standard LED object / button object
ej.numbox.js: An alternative number box.


ej.dialog: alternative dialog box for text entry
ej.jit.preview: (BPatcher) Jitter Patcher window with slowing down
ej.line: multi-segment line
ej.mout~: panpot on multiple output.
ej.vdb~: Variable delay without clicks or transposition (cheaper than vdb~ in the Bennies).
ej.vdb-sig~: Same as ej.vdb~ but accepts signal as delay time.
jit.fullscreen: jit.fullscreen create a jit.window on the second monitor.
jit.getparam: jit.getparam grab attributes from a jitter object and help you to manipulate different parameters.
kaf: Kill and Activate Finder.
kd&u (Key Down & Up): Report 1 when key is down, 0 when you release a key.
nine2X: (obsolet) Convert mac path file (:) to Unix path file (/).
ptt: Push to talk, useful during conferences.
splay~: Graphical interface for sfplay~.
stout~: Graphical interface for dac~ with vu-meter…


aqua sliders: Collection of Aqua sliders with prototypes.