Max 8 is out!

Max 8 has been released last week, and it’s probably the largest upgrade since Max 3, or 4, or 5 or I don’t but it’s HUGE. While ejies should work seemlessly, something has changed in the Max API which broke zsa.descriptors, so you might see an error saying that zsa.descriptors are not properly installed because […]

ejies and zsa.descriptors are available through the Package Manager

Last week, Cycling ’74 released Max 7.1 which features numerous exciting addition. One of my favorite is the Package Manager, it lets you explore and install new libraries directly from within Max in a couple of seconds. From now on, you will be able to download, update the ejies and zsa.descriptors directly from the Package […]

New ejies for Max 6/7…

It has been a while, hasn’t it? We have been working mainly on postponing the release of our secret app ;-) Nevertheless, we have just pushed an update for the ejies so they should now play nicely in both Max 6 (make sure you have the latest) and Max 7 (… likewise).


In case you want to jump into Mac OS 10.10 (Yosemite)… First keep in mind it’s a beta version (I’d not use it for work at this point). Second the good news, so far SoundFilesMerger seems to behave properly (tested with the developer beta 4, not before). We will keep you posted if something changes […]

ejies 3.13

Alexis Baskind sent me some modification of ej.function.js to respond to the outputmode attribute like function does, this now integrated in ejies 3.13. Thanks Alexis!

ejies 3.12 1

I just realized that ejies had a ej.l2buffer for years, but not the inverse. With the release of Mira I decided to make one, so you can display buffer~ on your iPad too:

Have fun!

ejies 3.11

Not a very big announcement here, a very minor update of ejies which fixes a problem with prototypes. They are not in the proper packages folder.

Zsa.descriptors 1.0 released 1

Let’s stop beeting around the bush, after beta, gold master and release candidates versions now it’s time to let zsa.descriptors to have a nice version number. So 1.0 it is! This version has been updated to run with Max 6.1.1 or higher. It hasn’t really been tested with prior versions and well, just update your […]