Workshop in Venice

Venice, real-time workshops/master class/concert for an entire week. Starting on Saturday, more info on the website of the biennale

Lion’s compatibility

Good news, SoundFilesMerger seems to work fine under MacOS 10.7 (aka Lion) released by Apple a couple days ago. So just have fun :-)

Zsa 1.0 GM!

It has been approaching for quite some time… You can download the gm version, which includes many improvements like weights for zsa.dist as long as some bug fixes and other improvements.


You may have noticed that there’s a new feedback button to the right of the screen. You can now ask questions, post feature requests (…) using this button or directly via my page on getsatisfaction. Hopefully this will help answering easily frequently asked questions. Looking forward to hearing from you there.

ejies 2.01

It has been a while since the last ejies update. The ejies 2.01 fixes various issue with ej.function and ej.fplay. Note that it requires MaxMSP 5.1.7 or higher to run properly, because some of the problem had also to be fixed in mxj. As usual, have fun!

Ircam workshop at Acanthes

We are in Metz for a couple of weeks teaching for the Acanthes academy. Tomorrow we’ll have a JavaScript session for the advanced course: var enoughcoffee = false; decalareattribute(“enoughcoffee”); function bang() { if (enoughcoffee) post(“hum… you probably needs more caffeine…\n”); else post(“Let’s have some fun ;-)\n”); }


3 creations of the Cursus 2, tonight at centquatre. Two great pieces of Andrea Agostini and Christopher Trapani, with ensemble itinéraire. The installation of Patricia Alessandrini, with motorized metal plates and everything, lasts for a few more days at atelier 6. Worth stopping by.

Zsa.descriptors 1.0 approaching (RC2)

Zsa.descriptors 1.0 is approaching…  It reached the release candidate stage… we’re polishing the documentation, and trying to make some examples. This new version includes a new object to calculate MFCC as well as some improvements (particularly in zsa.dist).

Workshop in Zaragoza 2

I was in Zaragozza last week for a workshop at the Conservatorio Superior De Musica in Hector Parra‘s class. Beside teaching Max and helping for the final concert, I had the chance of looking at some old piece of software box, like a flash back 15 years ago. The new Max 3.5 it says on […]

Max for Live workshop in Munich

I will be teaching a Max for Live workshop in Munich. Thankfully, I won’t be teaching in German (that would be really embarrassing…) but in English. Christian Kleine will be introducing Ableton’s Live. More info here. Note that Jeremy Bernstein will be teaching a MaxMSP workshop at the same place in the next couple weeks.