Zsa.descriptors 1.0 released 1

Let’s stop beeting around the bush, after beta, gold master and release candidates versions now it’s time to let zsa.descriptors to have a nice version number. So 1.0 it is! This version has been updated to run with Max 6.1.1 or higher. It hasn’t really been tested with prior versions and well, just update your […]

ejies 3.1 is now available

Now that Max 6.1 is out, you can download the ejies 3.1. It now comes as a package which is one of the new cool feature of Max 6.1. Have fun!

Max 6.1 Public beta, compatibility with e–j dev software?

First of all, in case you missed it, Cycling ’74 released a public beta of Max 6.1. It includes many new features, but a couple of them really concerns you if you are using the ejies or zsa.descriptors: Packages Packages is a new feature which allows you to manage your third party library. Both ejies […]

Say welcome to e–j dev

You will probably noticed that the name changed, e–j is now e–j dev a small Paris based company, which develops software for musicians. More to come in the next months… In the meantime contact us through support if you have some question, projects that you would like us to work with you.

Nothing to report… but 1.0gm5 is out. 2

It took some time, but I finally recompiled zsa.descriptors on a machine which can build for MacOS 10.5… That’s the only relevant change in this version. Enjoy zsa.descriptors on your old computer ;-) Have fun with the gm4/gm5.

Zsa.descriptors 1.0gm4

I know, it has been a while, and it’s still a gold master not the release… But that’s coming. In the meantime, there’s a few new detection modes in zsa.flux~ that you’ll enjoy for sure.

ejies moves to github

After some many years using CVS and being tired of it, I finally made the move to GIT… and even more to github. The sources of the ejies are now on github, which will facilitate any collaboration, bug tracking, feature request… I’ll continue obviously to make releases and post them here. No worries ;-) Speaking […]

Updates for Max 6… 1

Zsa.descriptors is now 64 bits friendly (the externals works for both Max 5 and Max 6). Ejies installer has been updated as well… What else to enjoy the new Year?

Zsa.descriptors lecture at Columbia

I was in the neighborhood, so I’m giving a lecture at Columbia University on Zsa.descriptors today. It will also be like a reunion of the ex cursus students. I’ll also cover some of the cool new feature of Max 6.

Expo ’74

Cycling ’74 is having the second Expo in Brooklyn. As for the first edition, it’s the occasion to put faces on email addresses/forum nicknames, and to not feel bad about talking about your patches :-) This edition coincided with the public beta of Max 6 which increased the excitement. And as usual the science fair […]