Max 6.1 Public beta, compatibility with e–j dev software?

First of all, in case you missed it, Cycling ’74 released a public beta of Max 6.1. It includes many new features, but a couple of them really concerns you if you are using the ejies or zsa.descriptors:

  • Packages

Packages is a new feature which allows you to manage your third party library. Both ejies and zsa.descriptors will be updated to support this feature so you no longer have to rely on this weird shell script that nobody knows what it does ;-)

  • 32/64 bits

Max 6.1 can run on 64 bits which means that you will be able to take advantage of all the RAM that you have on your machine. While the ejies will run smoothly, zsa.descriptors needs to be updated, recompiled and everything. Cycling ’74 is working on a new SDK which will be available shortly after Max 6.1 release.

So what does it means?
Well, you should be able to use the ejies right away with the forthcoming version 3.1, and the zsa.descriptors should follow not too long after that.

In the meantime, as AP would say: “Happy patching!”.

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