technology addiction

3.0 is out

Like a normal geek I have been waiting for the release of iPhone OS 3.0 for months… After refraining myself from installing it for almost a day (don’t worry, I downloaded it at 10:05 or something like that), I’m now running it with lot of fun. Spotlight is really the kick ass feature for sure. […]


My mobile phone died last week. Well it can continue to talk to me, but it doesn’t wanna listen to my voice anymore, the mic is dead. I just wanted to write that, to prove to myself that it’s not totally my fault, and that’s I’ll be forced to buy an iPhone now. :-) Surprisingly […]

Hello World!

That’s my first post… The idea of that blog came from one of my student, Chelsea… She politely complained about my website which was “too unpersonal”, so it’s probably best to start with a photo of her, she deserves it ;-)