Your Max Projects

Do you need help for you Max / Max for Live project?

Your project is getting hard to manage
Multiple people worked on the project, you have been working on it for years, you have plenty of abstractions/javascript/java in various places… It might be time to refactor this.
Efficiency issues
You’re running low on memory, the CPU is too high, latency is too big… It is often possible to optimize your project to make it more efficient in one of this area.
Modernization (moving from an old to a new version)
Like a developer who modernize is code, Maxer have to do that from time to time to make sure that your project will have a longer life.
You need a specific object that doesn’t exist
We can build it for you: UI, max, dsp…

Thoses things are not necessarily easy to do on your own, we can help you finish, polish or develop your project. Just get in touch with us.