Composit 2014

If you didn’t apply yet, there’s stil some place for the Composit New Music Festival 2014 which will take place July 1-13 2014 in lovely town of Rieti (Italy). In addition to the traditional Composition workshop, there will be 2 new workshops this year: Conducting Contempory Music Composition with Live Electronics Application and more information […]

ejies moves to github

After some many years using CVS and being tired of it, I finally made the move to GIT… and even more to github. The sources of the ejies are now on github, which will facilitate any collaboration, bug tracking, feature request… I’ll continue obviously to make releases and post them here. No worries ;-) Speaking […]

Expo ’74

Cycling ’74 is having the second Expo in Brooklyn. As for the first edition, it’s the occasion to put faces on email addresses/forum nicknames, and to not feel bad about talking about your patches :-) This edition coincided with the public beta of Max 6 which increased the excitement. And as usual the science fair […]

Zsa 1.0 GM!

It has been approaching for quite some time… You can download the gm version, which includes many improvements like weights for zsa.dist as long as some bug fixes and other improvements.

ejies 2.01

It has been a while since the last ejies update. The ejies 2.01 fixes various issue with ej.function and ej.fplay. Note that it requires MaxMSP 5.1.7 or higher to run properly, because some of the problem had also to be fixed in mxj. As usual, have fun!